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How to Select the Right Product Form

How to Select the Right Product Form February 16, 2022
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Hemp CBD products, like all wellness products, come in many different forms. From inhalation to topicals to ingestion as food, pills or capsules, CBD can be delivered to the nervous system any way you like.

Care By Design Hemp products are available in two forms, both of which are designed specifically to deliver the highest quality hemp extract available, full-spectrum CBD oil. To learn more about the quality of our CBD extracts, check out our blog for more information! Needless to say, full-spectrum CBD oil is most bioavailable when delivered through sublingual drops or a capsule.

What are sublingual drops?

Plants have been providing medicinal value for thousands of years, if not all of human existence. However, it wasn’t until 1661 that the term “sublingual” was developed, coinciding with the discovery of the salivary and other glands under the tongue. Sublingual is Latin, and translates literally to “under the tongue”.

Humans may have been taking their herbal medicines sublingually without realizing it as far back as 1000 AD (when Egypt documented making tinctures after the distillation of alcohol was discovered), or even further back with rudimentary pastes and “chews” of plants. They didn’t know it at the time, but sublingual absorption provides a direct line to the nervous system, rather than the digestive system.

Taking medicine sublingually means administering it directly under the tongue, so that the compounds enter directly into the bloodstream, crossing the blood-brain barrier through especially permeable tissue in the floor of the mouth.

Sublingual absorption of medicine is 3 to 10 times greater than oral ingestion through the digestive system, second in efficacy only to hypodermic injection.

The sublingual drops we offer are not technically tinctures, but rather oil-based drops that include only full-spectrum CBD, terpenes (the flavorful and aromatic compounds from the hemp), natural flavors, and MCT oil, a highly digestible oil with many health benefits. It is the most effective CBD available in the most effective form.

Choose sublingual drops if you’re looking for the fastest onset of effects. This is important for anyone dealing with acute pain, or needing immediate relief from inflammation, among other needs.

The immediacy is one reason why you might choose sublingual products, but versatility is another. Our sublingual drops can also be applied topically, frozen into suppositories, or even mixed into food.

How are the capsules different?

We also offer full-spectrum CBD in soft gel capsules, a form you’re likely already quite familiar with. Soft gel caps convey the same amount of cannabinoids as the sublingual drops, but the formula is slightly different in one way.

We formulate the oil inside soft gels to be 2x the concentration of the droppers because each of our soft gels holds only 0.5mL of oil inside. So 1mL of dropper oil = 0.5mL of soft gel oil or the size of one capsule. However, the formulation of terpenes and MCT oil remain the same, sans the natural flavoring.

You may want to use your CBD in a more pharmaceutical manner, similar to how you might consume cold medicine or fish oil. If this is easy and convenient to you, and time is not a factor for the onset of effect, soft gel caps are for you.

Another reason for choosing the soft gel caps is for the length of effect. This delivery method might take as long as a typical pill to onset, but it will also last a longer time in your system. If you’re experiencing chronic conditions, the length of time the CBD is in your system may factor into your routine.

Between these two types of products, you have lots of flexibility for how to include the highest quality and most bioavailable form of CBD into your wellness routines. These options range from how you decide to take the product to how quickly the effects take hold to how long you want the effects to last. This allows you to personalize your routine and apply this medicine to your life however you need it.

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