GoHyhr Ambassador Program: How it Works

GoHyhr Ambassador Program: How it Works July 7, 2022
Reading Time: 4 minutes

The GoHyhr Ambassador program provides you with the opportunity to earn by promoting, educating, and recommending CBD products to your friends, family and others within your social and personal networks.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started!

Step 1: Create an Account on GoHyhr

If you’re not an existing GoHyhr Customer, then you will need to create an account on GoHyhr.com

Here’s the link to sign up on GoHyhr – https://www.gohyhr.com/account/register

Step 2: You can Order Products Right Away and Become an Ambassador!

Once you log in to your GoHyhr account, you would be able to shop all of our CBD products instantly. However, most of our customers prefer to sign-up as an Ambassador right away in order to receive a lifetime discount on all purchases going forward. It is free to sign-up and earn.  If you would like to receive the same discount benefit, then follow our next step!

Step 3: Register for EarnHyhr Account

To become a Hyhr Ambassador, you will also need to register an account on EarnHyhr.com.  You can register here https://amb.earnhyhr.com/register with the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS you used to create your GoHyhr customer account.

Were you Referred by a friend? 

If someone has referred you to become an Hyhr Ambassador, please make sure you add their Ambassador Code right here while signing up.

Take a couple minutes to review and approve the Ambassador agreement. Even though the agreement is necessary to create your account, it’s completely FREE to become an Ambassador.

Step 4: Share your Ambassador Code

Once you have logged into your Ambassador Account, you can view your dashboard where you will be able to find your unique Ambassador Code. You can begin sharing your code and earn cash rewards on your referral’s orders. 

Step 5: Remember the lifetime discount for Ambassadors?

Once you’re an ambassador, you will be eligible to use our 15% lifetime discount on all your personal purchases. You’ll find the code right here!

Step 6: You can Refer people to join as Ambassadors under you.

Recruit your friends & family as Ambassadors under you, so that you can earn off their customers as well, then send them your unique Ambassador Referral link from here:

Step 7: You can now send your friends and referrals a discount code that gives them a 20% discount off of their first order.

Refer your friends & family with your Ambassador code for them to receive an immediate 20% off discount on their first purchase and you’ll earn a cash reward on that purchase and on all their purchases from that point forward.

Send them your unique Customer Referral link that you can find here.

Step 8: More Recommendations, More $$$

There is an easier way to invite people you know or in your network. You can use our invite feature in the Friends section, as you continue to recommend and promote CBD products from GoHyhr to your network, you earn on every purchase that your referral makes.

Earn more Hyhr bucks on the orders of your friends, customers and network. There’s no limit on how many times you can earn!

Step 9: Stay tuned to your Inbox

Make sure you keep an eye out for GoHyhr emails after you’ve registered for an account to receive the best benefits out of our Ambassador Program.

Hyhr Ambassadors Earn More!

Use Your Ambassador Code to Refer Your Friends

Refer your friends and new customers receive 20% off their first order and you get Hyhr Bucks for that purchase! You also earn on every additional order that your referral makes going forward. This applies to each new customer you bring to gohyhr.com, which means the more referrals you bring, the more you earn.

It’s easy! You already have an Ambassador account… just share your Ambassador code with new customers and start earning on all their future purchases!

They Win. You Win. Simple as that.

If your friends bring in a new customer, you will still earn on their purchases and since your friends are ambassadors, they will also get all the ambassador benefits like you do! 

For those of you who have already registered as an ambassador there are exciting developments on the horizon. For those of you still on the fence, more benefits will be coming in the future so don’t hesitate and sign up today!